Taxi Delivery Services

Some deliveries just can’t wait. When a patient’s health or safety is at risk, when an item is especially fragile, or the clock is ticking on perishable goods, our taxi delivery service will ensure you receive your items as soon as possible.

We provide taxi delivery services for a wide range of items, including important documents, equipment, medicines and lab samples in Chapel Hill, NC, and surrounding areas. Whether you simply want to make sure a parcel gets to its delivery point without incident or you want to speed up the process, we can help.

We work fast and use the most direct routes, whether we are transporting people or parcels. We know there are some things that require urgent shipping, carefully, and our drivers exercise the greatest care when handling your items.

Whether we are delivering delicate machinery and lab equipment, perishable samples, fragile glassware, private documents or something else, we will handle every piece sensibly.

If you are not sure about shipping an especially fragile item through a regular shipping service and you are afraid the delicate item might be broken or stolen, our taxi delivery service is the perfect solution.

The items that you schedule to pick up will be our top priority, so you can be sure it won’t get jostled around with other packages, left in a truck, or sent to the wrong place.

Give us a call today at 919-407-9747 to schedule taxi delivery service for medicine, lab equipment, and other items in Chapel Hill, NC or surrounding areas.

Tell us about the item you want to be delivered, when and where we can pick it up, and we will provide you with the fastest possible delivery.