School Transportation Services

No matter what you are studying, getting to your classes, tests, and exams on time is essential. While living off-campus and closer to home can have its advantages, it may also be difficult to get to your classes on time – especially when you take parking into consideration.

Time To Go Taxi is a fast, professional school transportation company serving Chapel Hill, NC, and surrounding areas, and we can help you get to your school on time. If you are tired of fighting for a parking spot, juggling notes and books, and arriving late to class, give us a call and take the stress out of transportation.

When you ride with our taxi service, you can look over your notes and books on the way, and let your driver take care of navigation. By arranging a taxi service, your ride will be at your home, or wherever you are, at the time that you need it.

You don’t have to wait on friends to carpool, wait for a family member to return the car, fight your way onto a crowded bus, or put up with other delays. We know how important it is to get to school on time, and we plan our routes carefully to avoid traffic and get you to your classes faster.

When it’s time to go, give us a call! Arrange a scheduled pick-up to make sure important exam days or meetings go smoothly or give us a call whenever you need a pick-up and we will head right over.

When the day is done and you’re ready for a relaxing evening at home, call us and arrange a much-deserved relaxing, luxurious ride.